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Don't you want to survive, through all of the lies,
That are bringing you down, for all to see,
You get numb to the pain, and then there's the shame,
If you could see the end,
Change is not enough, just for the sake of it,
And then you wasted away,
I used to be like you, and maybe I still am,
But I've convinced myself,

This is real, this is me, this is the only time I breathe,
Don't you see, I can be, all the things you won't believe,
I just want, to be free, of all the things that cannot be,
This is real, this is me, this is the only time I breathe,

And do you rip deep inside, but keep to the lies,
That are forcing you down from everything,
You'll get used to the pain, but never the shame,
You used to be my friend,
Maybe you're the same and I'm the one that changed,
That's why we're slipping away,
But I don't give a fuck, 'cause I ain't coming back,
I've come go grips with myself


And I don't think this is the way for you,
You can't survive, machines run your life,
And you are nothing, you breed hate inside,
I can't stand, waste of time,

And do you not even try, but continue the lies,
That are breaking you down, from nothing else,
You're just spreading the pain, then you pass on the shame,
I will no pretend,
I cannot believe and I just fail to see,
How you think you're alive,
This is the end of you, but I'll remember your face,
As I walk away,



from Break Away, released November 23, 2008



all rights reserved


Streak Massachusetts

Streak is a coldwave/rock-industrial band from MA. We focus on high energy guitar rock with driving drums and powerful electronics. Love it. Hate it. Fuck it.

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